All of the scanned material at the Digital Archives can be found at the following link:

Click on English in the right hand corner.

Here you will find the Parish registers, Censuses, Probate records, Court records, Deeds registry and Miscellaneous records.

Search for a Parish register

Today we will look at the Parish registers. We will be clicking on Browse under the heading Norway. To the left of the screen you will see various options. Click on County, and select, for example, Oppland. It is also possible to choose several counties at one time.

The next searchable area is under Archive. Click on Archive and choose Biri prestekontor. Here you can make several other choices and you also have the option to narrow your search to more specific data.

Next, click on the Search button and you will get an overview of all church records from Biri. Mouse over the choices to show what records can be searched. For example, when you hover over «dp» (døpt) you will see that is birth and baptism records. Other common ones are «kf» (konfirmasjon) for confirmation, «vi» (viede) for marriage, «gr» (gravlagte) for deceased and buried. You can see that you can narrow your choice to a specific year.


Screenshot from the Digital Archive showing some of the choices you have for search, and the search result.

There are 4 separate registries: the Official Parish register, the Copy of the Parish register (klokkerbok), the Banns register (for marriages) and a Birth register of more recent births.

To the right on a search result, you will find First Page (see blue marker (# 4) on the screen shot above) on the same screen. First Page allows you to see the cover of the parish register and all the pages. Once you click on First Page, you will see that you can use the slider bar that is just above the church record viewer to move back and forth through the records for the year you have chosen. It shows the image number, and events such as birth, confirmations and death.

If you only want to search a specific year click on Content on the far right (see green marker (# 5) on the screen shot above). You will see a detailed year by year choice of the parish records. This allows you to see all the records that are available for the Archive you chose (here; Biri) and the years that are available to search. If you want to search for a birth in a specific year, click on the year and you will be taken to the actual parish records for that year.

Click on the Biri Church Record 1877-1886 and dp.

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